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24/7 Free Mobile Phone Mining: Rocket Science or Skydiving?

Evolution. One word. But it captures all things imaginable and otherwise. It’s mind-blowing. From the Wright brothers’s gliders to Elon Musk’s rockets. Evolution rocks! Imagine what man can do. Especially when he’s bored. Was Leonardo da Vinci just sitting on his ass when he invented skydiving? Who gets the credit […]

Dr. Kokkalis says: "Pi Network is 100% my professional commitment,."
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Emerging Rockstar in the World of Cryptocurrency in 2019

BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY Is the Head of Technology of The Pi Network a rockstar? For what it’s worth, developing the breakthrough technology is a feat in itself.  It “works on your mobile phone and does not drain your battery.” It is decentralized, meaning, it is “secure, immutable, non-counterfeitable, and interoperable digital […]