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A New YouTube Pi Content Creator Has Arrived!

The Pi Spot is always searching for content creators for Pi all across the world.

Because every person helping to build Pi will help to create a world where many can thrive.

Today we are featuring Pabe.  He has a deep passion for Pi, and its Vision for Our Future.

His name is Pankaj.  He is currently a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder and he’s originally from India.  His family recently moved from India to Texas in order for them to be closer together.

He is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering at CU and he is very hopeful for Pi.

He came across Pi one day, because his friend just sent him an invite.  He joined without any questions, you know why?  Because she said it was FREE. 😂 He felt it was a silly reason. But it is the truth.

Shortly after joining, his interest in Pi grew.  After reading the FAQs and chatting with different communities on Pi, then finally reading the White Paper (Which Is A Lot Of Material) it helped him see all the technical aspects of Pi.  He fell in love with Pi, because of all the possibilities it held.

It was in that moment that he decided to make a YouTube channel dedicated only to Pi .

He believes in Pi, and has dedicated his time into creating very informative videos regarding what Pi is exactly, and how one can join in.  As well as the potential Pi has based on other similar projects in cryptocurrency history.

The YouTube videos he has created are very short.  They last typically between 3 to 5 minutes.  The information is clear and straight to the point.

If you are the type of person who wants to know only what is needed in order to start right away, this is a great channel to subscribe to and follow for Pi.

His second video features how to earn Pi, and the steps one can take to increase the Pi one can earn in an hour.

His third video features each role that Pi has in regard to what one can participate in to increase their mining rate.  As well as an update on The Pi Network.

He is new to Pi, but he already has witnessed the movement that has begun.  He desires to be a part of the change.  He yearns to impact the world, for the better.  He may be a smaller a Youtuber, but his Youtube videos have real content.

In time, his Pi Youtube channel will grow, and his videos will become even better.

Pabe is a Pi Influencer, and Social Media Platform Promoter.

Pabe, because of you, many more will grow to understand Pi a little better than they did prior to coming across your YouTube channel.  You are an inspiration to many, and those who follow you, will gain a far greater understanding of what Pi truly is.

“Please join me and the rest of the Pi Community on this beautiful journey.” – Pabe

Remember This:

Experience is the greatest teacher of all.  However, if you never learn from your mistakes, you have not listened to what life wishes to teach you.  Look at every moment as an opportunity to do better, to be better, and to give more to many more people.  If you do this, you will feel better, and perform better, in anything that you do.  You must be willing to do what many will not, repeatedly.  Failures will happen, but that is the only pathway to Success. 

“Never give up on your dreams.  Because everything we have today that exist is here because someone never gave up on theirs.” – TheCryptoLegend



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