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A New Valuable Social Platform in 2019



I wanted to take the time to introduce to you a new social platform that has been built for Pi.

It is an interactive user experienced socially connected engaging network.


It has many features that Pi users would expect and appreciate in a great platform.

It has the ability to give you anonymity.  Your first and last name is not required.

A username and an email are the only two things required to create a user account on this platform.

It does not require any monetary investment in order to join it or for one to subscribe to it.


In the Profile section you can attach your website, if you are a content creator for Pi.


In the About Me section of the Profile, you can describe who you may be or perhaps what types of services you may provide for Pi.  This will allow you to engage with others who may come across your profile and want to connect with you on a project of their own or perhaps on one you can build together.

The social links section allows you to link many other social platforms you may have an account on such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

If you already have social media platforms built or if you are really thinking about establishing them in the future for your Pi E-Commerce Online Shop, this feature for social links will help you to establish more presence within the Pi Community.


The design section allows you to choose a theme for your background, as well as an avatar and your cover.

You can block users, if you’d like to for whatever reason.


In the notifications section there are a variety of options you can select or not select for this category.  It allows more customization for different types of notifications.


It has a My Information section which allows you to download reports for your amount of followers, posts, or those you are following.


The last section I’d like to describe a little more in depth is the Affiliate program for the website.

You will be able to earn up to 25% for each user you’ve referred to the website who’ve subscribed to any of their pro packages.

Your affiliate link is provided as such:


Which you can share on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

When you broadcast a message, you can target everyone. People you follow. Or people who follow you.

You can upload images, create polls, upload files, feelings, and GIFs.

You have the ability to search for posts based on usernames or keywords.

You can see those who follow you. And those you’ve followed.

You can upload to your Timeline, add Photos, as well as Videos.

All these features listed above exist for FREE.


Below is what you would unlock if you upgraded to a Pro account on this platform.

If one upgrades his/her account to Pro, more features will be unlocked. Such as being a Featured Member, See Profile Visitors, Pages Promotion, Show/Hide Last Seen, Verified Badge, and Posts Promotion.


There are three packages for Pro:  Star, Ultima, and VIP.

Star is $5.00/month

Ultima is $7.50/month

VIP is $10.00/month

All three packages offer the features I mentioned above, the difference is in the posts promotion.


Star has 25 posts that can be promoted.

Ultima has 50 posts that can be promoted.

VIP has 100 posts that can be promoted.

You also have the ability to pay with 55+ different types of cryptocurrencies if you choose to not want to use fiat currency.


The app version for this is being developed and is expected to release on September 4, 2019.

Share this with your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.  It is FREE, and it has a lot of value it can offer you.

Use This To Join The Platform:




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