Pi Meme Contest Winner Gets Free 3 Pi Miners 1
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Pi Meme Contest Winner Gets Free 3 Pi Miners


Pi Meme Contest Winner Gets Free 3 Pi Miners 2

Above is the Pi Meme that won the contest!

The winner who goes with the Discord tag of @iriefeel was interviewed regarding his viewpoint on the contest within The Pi Network (Unofficial) on Discord.

Did you enjoy the Pi Meme Contest?

“I did enjoy the Pi meme contest.  I make memes to put in my family group chat all the time so it was fun putting a Pi spin on it.”

When you submitted your Pi meme did you already feel it would win? 

“I was pretty confident in my meme.  Everyone who has watched Finding Nemo would get the reference so it was a perfect way to add nostalgia to one of the reasons why people would want to vote for it.”

Did you think you really would get the miners if you won?

“I wasn’t completely sure I would get the 3 referrals if I’m being honest but I thought the contest was funny. so why not? lol.”

How does it feel to have 3 more Pi miners and winning them off a Pi Meme Contest?

“Getting the new miners off the contest is really exciting.  It normally takes me a lot longer to get even one referral.”

The Pi Meme Contest was very engaging for the whole Pi community.  Many people shared plenty of laughs, and many others were also really creative as well as funny.

Thank you to everyone that had participated.  There will be many more opportunities to come.

The Pi Network (Unofficial) on Discord was built by the Pi community for the Pi community to offer another platform where many people from all over the world can come together to help build Pi as one collective.

Pi The Global Cryptocurrency (pitgcc) is a collective of individuals from all around the world who are passionate in wanting Pi to succeed.  Many people within Discord have come together to offer value for many others.  The Instagram, Reddit, Facebook (Philippines) and Facebook English Page, as well as Twitter have all been built by people within the Pi Community.

Together, this collective of people that share the same vision for Pi continues to grow.  More people each day ask how can they help bring Pi succeed.  Each of us can help by contributing our time, knowledge, and skills to enhance the experience of all those involved with Pi.

Our Instagram has many quotes from many different people from the Pi community radiating positive energy on their idea of the impact Pi has, and will have in regard to the future.  It’s amazing to be a part of such a revolutionary idea.  Pi is far more than a mere cryptocurrency.  It has the power to unite nations, so that all may who participate may benefit.  Follow us, and stay connected.

The Philippines now has a population of over 100 million Filipinos, and it is the number one nation in the world that utilizes social media daily.  It has the most active users.  It is also one of the only countries that has its people spread all across the world.  Pi would enhance each of the lives of their people by offering an opportunity to provide more for them.  Join us.

Our twitter channel @pitgcc is growing every day.  Follow us, and be updated on the latest articles, news, and events in regard to Pi that are taking place all around the world.

Reddit is one of our newer social media platforms helping to bring awareness to a more niche set of people.  You can find it under ThePiNetwork.  Subscribe and join the rest of the community.



PI: A Movement Based On An Idea

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