Pi Survey On The App: ‘Why Do You Care About Pi’ - My Answers 1

Pi Survey On The App: ‘Why Do You Care About Pi’ – My Answers

Hey there!

There’s a new survey on the home screen of the Pi Network app that you may or may not have seen, and to this point, may or may have not ignored.

I encourage you to answer it, not only to help the core team with their messaging, but also to help YOU think about what you can get from Pi – and what you can provide!

Here are my answers. Please comment if they resonate with you, or even if you disagree!

Why Do You Care About Pi? 

The potential benefit for the entire world cannot be measured.

This idea and plan is unprecedented in scale and scope, and yet, maintains an inherent altruistic goodness.

This is capturing lightning in a bottle – but the bottle is multiplied and given freely to each of us. Unbelievable power. 

What is Your Greatest Hope for Pi? 

That Pi realizes its vision and that billions of people worldwide join together to help create and realize its value. 

What Is Your Greatest Concern for Pi?

That Pi is ruined purposefully or accidentally by big outside interests, scandal, or hacking/security failures.

Pi is transacting in trust. Trust is the most fragile, and therefore, most valuable commodity on earth. We must grow and protect this trust with an intense focus and strength. 

That’s what’s on my mind!

What’s on yours?

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  1. Pi – People Ingenuity Network. A cryptocurrency backed by community and for the community.

    Pi – Brings out the potential you have within you to change the world. Be a part of this great new revolution. Pi is easy to obtain and people friendly.

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