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How To Build Your Security Circle

You can build your security circle once you qualify for the Contributor Role which you cannot be eligible for until you have mined for 72 hours or for 3 complete mining sessions. You only need to build it once to receive the benefit from it repeatedly.

This feature will then be available, and when it is, you can add people from one of two ways. As well as by utilizing both methods.  In the home screen of the Pi app, this feature will appear as a shield icon in the top right corner of the Pi app.

The first way to build your security circle is by selecting all the people within your earning team. The person who referred you, and four people you referred if you have that built by then will maximize the benefit one can receive from this new role.  You will only have the person who referred you through this option, if you have referred no one to the app before this feature is available for you. This option is known in the app as ADD AN EXISTING PI USER.

The second way to invite people into your security circle is by adding people into your contacts on your mobile device. They must have the Pi Network App downloaded onto their mobile device in order to add them into your security circle. These should be five people you Trust.

Doing this will double your Pi mining rate.

This option is known in the app as ADD FROM CONTACTS.

Being added into other people’s security circles does not increase your Pi mining Rate, which seems to be where there is a lot of confusion.

You can also mix the two ways to help build your security circle up to five people for any benefit. You can build past five trusted people, but it no longer adds any benefit to increasing your Pi mining Rate.

This Is The Second Most Important Feature In the App After Initiating Your 24-Hour Earning Sessions.

The security circles will be extremely important in the future when transactions are taking place to verify, validate, and authenticate them within The Pi Network. This is why they are rewarding you to build them.

Feel free to share this with your family, friends, co-workers or acquaintances. It will help them understand how building a security circle can increase how much Pi one can earn per hour every day.

By this design, The Pi Network becomes more integrated and sophisticated, as each Pi user creates his/her own security circle.

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