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Why Are We Here

Why Are We Here 1

First, some definitions:

WE: Us. Each and All of us. You and I.

HERE: Our current and shared place in time, our collective mind-space. Where we can interact together.

Why Are We Here 2

WE are HERE to take part in making REAL what is potentially the greatest opportunity in the history of global commerce.

WE are HERE, at a pivotal moment in our development as human beings.

WE are HERE. In person. Online. On this blog. All over the world. Interested in, or already signed up to mine and transact with Pi. Reading, writing, and critiquing ideas that are utterly massive in scope and scale.

Why Are We Here 3

WE are at the leading edge of a future in which scarcity will be seen as a barbaric and ancient concept which used to restrict, and indeed, cripple our collective success and our chances at global prosperity.

WE are able to communicate with one another and to develop our ideas in a state of continuous improvement and rapid actualization, globally and without restriction.

These ideas include how WE define, use, and create value, and the currency which represents the value that WE have created.

WE are HERE to do what WE are destined to do. Whatever WE do with this most grand and rare of opportunities will echo long after WE can no longer hear the return of the call to stand up and act.

Our world will change and improve if, and only if WE make the most of our being HERE.

Our world will improve in the image of our dreams. Our future will take shape in exactly the way that WE decide that it will.

It will improve if WE, who are HERE, dare to imagine the world that will be created for those who will follow us from HERE, to THERE as better than our own….and ONLY if WE believe and understand that WE are HERE, able and willing to create that better world.

WE have been given an incomprehensibly precious and fragile gift.

That gift is:

The ability, via mobile and blockchain technology to build the future WE desire, coupled with an ingenious foundation.

A foundation that is strong, and solid enough to erect upon it a completely new structure of value and global economic power, that belongs to the people who created it. And yet, which remains flexible enough to evolve with the people who shall inherit it.

Why Are We Here 4

And those people are us, and all future versions of us. All of us.

WE are HERE…. and now WE know WHY.

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