What is Pi? 1

What is Pi?

Pi is a Cryptocurrency.

It isn’t bad, dirty or evil.  It is a term combined with the word currency to represent a digital asset. It was designed from its inception to be built as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography.

Cryptography encrypts the information to secure and verify online transactions.  One can earn this cryptocurrency by downloading an app on his mobile device.  It’s compatible with iOS or Android.  You can find it on the App Store or Play Store.

It isn’t the first cryptocurrency that could be earned/mined on one’s mobile device.  However, it is one of only several that can be earned through one’s mobile device. Phoneum, Electroneum, MinerGate, NeoNeonMiner, and ARM Miner are a few that have existed. Before Pi was available to be downloaded as an app.

Pi is not free.

In life, nothing truly is.  Ever.  It always costs something.  It will require two things from you if you would like to earn more per hour.  Your time, and your social capital.

In regard to your time, it can be as little as 5 seconds a day.  This would require you to open the app. Then you would need to tap the lightning bolt icon to initiate a twenty four-hour earning session for this cryptocurrency.  Once the lightning bolt is green, your amount of Pi will begin to increase every second for the next 24 hours.  This number can be located at the very top middle section in the app. Tapping the lightning bolt icon is used to verify you are a human and NOT a bot.

In regard to your social capital, the term is directly related to the relationships you have with your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.  The connections you have built over your lifetime is the total sum of your social capital.  There are people today who also have social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest , Reddit, and Twitter. They may have built very large followings over the years.  Some people have amassed their social capital into the millions.  They have offered a lot of value to many people over the years.

Their influence, also known as clout, could be motivational. Entertainment. The latest on fashion. The latest on news. Food recipes. The content provided to the community they serve has been supported by those who follow them.

Pi uses “cloud mining.”  It uses an Emulator and a Faucet at its database to track the said digital currency being distributed across the Network. The rate at which it is being distributed to each active miner in the network based on their active earning team is being controlled by the faucet. Once the earning session has been activated, it is being tracked by their database server side.

This is why on the client side, you can force close the app. Yet when you open the app later you will see it has been adding up your Pi the whole time.  This is the reason why it hardly uses any data. Or why it also hardly drains your battery on your mobile device.  Do not log out of the app though, if you are wanting to mine it.

At the time of the writing of this article Pi is worth absolutely nothingNil.  Nada. But still, do not make the simple mistake of thinking it will always be worthless.  It has value to many people even today.  That value, however, has not been monetized yet.  There are people within the Pi community who will buy all that you have mined. And will mine as soon as they can up until it’s listed on the Exchanges.

“As long as you have someone willing to buy it the moment you are willing to sell it, that reason alone is enough to start mining it.”

You can mine it right now.  At this time. However, you will not be able to mine it forever through your mobile device.  Eventually, it will only be collected through the Pi marketplace, Exchanges, and through Nodes processing transactions only when operating at a high volume.

If you don’t want to miss out on an amazing opportunity, then join the rest of us in this great Pi community.

Download the app and use your mobile phone number to create your account.

Create your own username that you will never forget.

Then use this Invitational Code:   TheCryptoLegend

This will allow you to participate in the network where many others are waiting to meet you.

Read the FAQ and the White Paper within the App. Thereafter, share it with others using your username you created as the invitational code. This will prove to be helpful when you share Pi with others later on.

It costs no money to be a part of this. No banking account information is requested.

One thing is certain, Pi rapidly growing. And its userbase is growing larger every single day.


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