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Pi Meme Contest

The (Unofficial) Pi Network Discord is launching a Pi Meme Contest on Discord.  It’s an exciting and creative way to participate in the Pi community, and you could possibly even win the contest.

But if you can’t find time yet to compete, you can still participate by voting for those who have submitted their Pi memes in the proper channel on Discord.

In order to participate, all you need to do is join the Pi Discord. If you want to be a contestant, you will need to create an original Pi meme. Then post it on the Pi Meme Contest channel on Discord.

The memes will be up-voted by the Pi community on Discord.  The Pi meme with the most up-votes after a week will have a corresponding reward  – 3 new Pi Miners to One’s Earning Team.

The Pi Discord Core Team will provide the abovementioned Pi miners to the winner within two weeks after the Pi meme winner has been declared.

It is necessary that the winner must provide a screenshot of his/her earning team in order to receive 1 miner, for starters. When the first miner is awarded, he/she must again provide another screenshot showing the added miner. This process will have to be repeated until all 3 miners are successfully added to the winner’s earning team.

It’s a great way to connect with others, and be a part of an amazing community of people.

Here Is The Link To Join The (Unofficial) Pi Network on Discord:


  1. i dont know how to make Pi meme

  2. Pi memes always cracked me up! 👍

  3. Here’s a helpful site to make memes:

    Pretty much any format you can think of is there, and it’s free. Click ‘Create’ at the top, then ‘Caption a meme or image’. Build your meme, then you simply have to hold down (mobile) or right click and choose ‘save image’ after you hit the blue ‘Generate’ button.

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